Friday, July 22, 2011

Victims of Domestic Violence Group meeting

I meant to post sooner but I have had a horrible sinus infection and am finally feeling better. Anyways last week I attended my first group meeting, and I have to say that being surrounded by so many victims just broke my heart. Most of these women have gone back to the abuser several times and are back living in the shelter because they have no money, and no family to support them. It was weird being in that meeting because I was the only one who could say that I am a "survivor." The counselor leading the meeting had me speak alot about what I had gone thru. The topic that week was grief and loss. She discussed all the phases victims go thru when finally making the decision to leave, and said most of the time women go back is during the lonely and depression stage. I had already gone thru all of the stages and I told the women that it is hard and it gets alot harder before it gets easier. I think it is good that these special women have someone that has been through what they have been through but did manage to find happiness. I wish I had that. I wish that I had attended group therapy when I was going through the abuse and the healing process after leaving. These ladies are a support system for one another, and having that is so important. I encourage anyone reading this that is a victim or knows a victim to find a support group. The meetings are normally free, and I believe can help victims so much.

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